Pom pom it! or “How pom poms help us all”


You’ve heard it!

Pom pom it and y’all will be saved! That’s the word!

It us just a wrap of yarn but it gives us so much joy! This post wants to be a visual guide on why you should pom pom all your hats.

Here it comes:

before after

You see? Don’t tell me you don’t! What an improvement! After pom-poming it’s all about fresh bread, warm tea and beautiful plants!

Need more evidence? What about it?

befafter A

Such a sad face… but watch! Pom-pom it and voilà! Life looks much more brighter!

Need more?

befafter J

This guy was so sad and grumpy before the pom-pom… but, Oh boy! what a change! Look at that smile! And the bow tie! Amazing transformation!

No doubt, POM-POM IT!

Be wool!

Let’s try with a little of self promotion (FREE PATTERN)

Many months ago, I would say around 17 (Wait!… this is almost a year and a half!), I published my first pattern. At that moment I didn’t have many things to do, except from writing a thesis, looking for a job and, oh yeah!, I was supposed to take care of the house. At that moment I didn’t feel like doing any of the mentioned tasks so I decided to knit.
Oh boy! you are so right! Wise decision! I learned so many things those days!

I learned so many things and I was feeling so secure about my new skills that I wrote a pattern. I even mentioned in the pattern that it was good for learning new techniques… Was I being a little too confident? Time told me so but the pattern is there and I am really happy and proud about it!


I hope this is the first one of many to come, right now I am working on a hat pattern and a mittens pattern too, all fair isle! Keep checking my Patterns page! Here or on Ravelry!

And here is the story of a long named pattern for such a small thing…

When I wanted a case for my cell-phone, I couldn’t find any pattern that I really liked. At the same time, as I knew this was going to be a very short project, I wanted to practice techniques that I was not familiar with. So I created this pretty little case that fits most of the cell-phones I have tried.


As I said, this is a very short project, perfect for giving away and also perfect for a first fair-isle (colorwork) project. Also, it is so small that left overs of sock yarn can be used! Actually, this is what I did!

In this pattern you will practice and learn (links to techniques provided in the pattern):

  • Magic Loop Knitting: Very, very useful for absolutely everything! I could not live without it! I am sure you all know what it is but just in case… It is a way of circular knitting when you don’t have the right length of cable or you just don’t want to use double pointed needles. I CAN’T use DPNs! Is one of my knitting frustrations…
  • Judy’s Magic Cast On: My only way to go for Toe-up socks! With this amazing CO you can start a tube from the very tip! No seaming or grafting! So this case is created bottom-up, may be good for people that have never knitted socks that way and want to start with a less complicated project!
  • Fair isle (Colorwork) knitting: Cool! If you learn this you will level up your knitting!
  • I-cord Bind Off: Don’t you know it? Oh boy! you gonna love it!

Gauge is perfectly adaptable to your yarn as is the size of the case (try to do it for your tablet or even laptop!). You only have to take into account that this is a 6 sts repeat.

Try it with your color choice and any combination you like!

Please, ask any question you have and comment. Hope you give it a try!

Be wool!

If you could meet anyone dead or alive, who would it be?

This is how I start talking to A when I want to talk about a very specific topic. In fact, the question intonation that I use doesn’t mean that I really want him to answer. The real motivation behind is the conversation that follows: “I don’t know… why do you always have to ask these weird questions?” and here it comes… “Who would it be for you?” Yes! And I would say at this very same moment “Elizabeth Zimmermann of course!”

Now it is more like a joke because he knows what I am up to, he only puts that face, yes, the face you put when you know you have no escape from what is coming. I still use it when I want to initiate the conversation… and I really like to talk about Elizabeth Zimmermann.


Elizabeth Zimmermann (August 9, 1910 – November 30, 1999)

Oh boy! What can I say about EZ that hasn’t been said before? Yes, you are right, nothing! I can only say that yes, it’s true, when I think if I could meet someone dead or alive, she comes to my mind in top of the list. I don’t remember when or how I was introduced to her work but for sure it changed the way I look at knitting.

Reading Knitting Without Tears (KWOT) is not just a learning experience; it is also so fun to read! And of course, The Opinionated Knitter is amazing! This last one let’s you discover a more personal side of her but also some of her most amazing designs such as the Baby Surprise Jacket that I will have to give it a try someday.

The way I see it is that she empowered me (and many many others before and after). Even though I was so new to knitting, reading her books made me believe that I was able to do everything, nothing was is impossible. The way she wrote is so sincere and fun that if feels like a knitting pal!

Oh boy! Is it normal that I get so excited just by thinking about it? A thinks it is a little bit weird but he tolerates this side relation I have. An open relationship is tha best!

Lately I have knitted 2 sweaters with instructions from KWOT. One is a classic Bottom-up Raglan for A. I guess I will write a post on that one (yes! more EZ blogging!)

2015-01-17 04.15.51-1

And even more recently I have finished a Seamless Hybrid for me… Oh boy, oh boy! What an amazing construction! Of course it deserves another post! (yes and yes! More EZ please!). I haven’t had the time to put all the information on my Ravelry page but I will soon (or not. Remember? PROCRASTINATION!)

2015-01-17 04.25.52

Well, more to come! Hope this makes some more knitters and non-knitters (too many still!) out there join the EZ fan club!

Be wool!

And then there was a blog. A blog about a knitting boy…

I have been thinking of starting a knitting blog for so long that now that I have it I really don’t know what to say. I guess that first is first and I should be presenting myself.


My name is Joan; in my country this is a man’s name. Yes! Like Joan Miró (one of my favourite artist BTW), you are so clever! And you would ask, so… where do you come from? Thanks for asking! I am from a country called Catalonia (Catalunya in my mother tongue) whose capital is Barcelona. I lived in Barcelona for many years although I am form a city called Sabadell.

Now I live in Sweden, in the WARM south of Sweden, Malmö. Oh yes, you can ask that… Why did I move there? For the yarn? Because there I can wear all my woollies? No! You like to ask questions, right? I moved here because of work, I work as a researcher at Lund University, I work with diabetes, but that is another topic for another blog!

Ok, ok… one last question and we can finish this first post right now…. Oh, that’s a good one. How did I started knitting? Ok, let’s go for this one.

It is not that my grandmother didn’t knit, she knitted a lot, in fact, she still does, and very well, although she says it hurts her back (circulars are not made for her, she says…). The thing is that I never learned when I was a kid. I remember learning how to crochet in school and me and my brother crocheting a super long and thin scarf while watching TV but it never stuck. It was many years after that I got to write a thesis for my PhD. Oh yes, writing a thesis… I don’t know if you ever had to write something that you knew it was going to be long and painful and something that you already were kind of sick of it before you started writing about. So there I was, at home, unemployed, with a blank page in front of me, trying to put together my past 5 years of work… and just by me, in a little paper bag, there were a couple of straight needles and a ball of acrylic yarn… Oh god! Was this a life sentence or a godsend gif? I don’t know, but from that very first day in my desk I learned, just by watching videos in YouTube, what was all this craziness that is knitting (and also what is PROCRASTINATION, yes, capital letters). It is been 2 years now and I really think I found a thing that is going to be with me the rest of my life.

Hope you enjoy reading this blog! I will try to keep it updated as much as I can but better not to promise, I have so many things to knit!

Be wool!

PS: Oh yes! (For the ones who asked!) I finished writing my thesis! It took a little bit longer than it would have taken without knitting but Oh boy! Knit boy!