And then there was a blog. A blog about a knitting boy…

I have been thinking of starting a knitting blog for so long that now that I have it I really don’t know what to say. I guess that first is first and I should be presenting myself.


My name is Joan; in my country this is a man’s name. Yes! Like Joan Miró (one of my favourite artist BTW), you are so clever! And you would ask, so… where do you come from? Thanks for asking! I am from a country called Catalonia (Catalunya in my mother tongue) whose capital is Barcelona. I lived in Barcelona for many years although I am form a city called Sabadell.

Now I live in Sweden, in the WARM south of Sweden, Malmö. Oh yes, you can ask that… Why did I move there? For the yarn? Because there I can wear all my woollies? No! You like to ask questions, right? I moved here because of work, I work as a researcher at Lund University, I work with diabetes, but that is another topic for another blog!

Ok, ok… one last question and we can finish this first post right now…. Oh, that’s a good one. How did I started knitting? Ok, let’s go for this one.

It is not that my grandmother didn’t knit, she knitted a lot, in fact, she still does, and very well, although she says it hurts her back (circulars are not made for her, she says…). The thing is that I never learned when I was a kid. I remember learning how to crochet in school and me and my brother crocheting a super long and thin scarf while watching TV but it never stuck. It was many years after that I got to write a thesis for my PhD. Oh yes, writing a thesis… I don’t know if you ever had to write something that you knew it was going to be long and painful and something that you already were kind of sick of it before you started writing about. So there I was, at home, unemployed, with a blank page in front of me, trying to put together my past 5 years of work… and just by me, in a little paper bag, there were a couple of straight needles and a ball of acrylic yarn… Oh god! Was this a life sentence or a godsend gif? I don’t know, but from that very first day in my desk I learned, just by watching videos in YouTube, what was all this craziness that is knitting (and also what is PROCRASTINATION, yes, capital letters). It is been 2 years now and I really think I found a thing that is going to be with me the rest of my life.

Hope you enjoy reading this blog! I will try to keep it updated as much as I can but better not to promise, I have so many things to knit!

Be wool!

PS: Oh yes! (For the ones who asked!) I finished writing my thesis! It took a little bit longer than it would have taken without knitting but Oh boy! Knit boy!


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