Let’s try with a little of self promotion (FREE PATTERN)

Many months ago, I would say around 17 (Wait!… this is almost a year and a half!), I published my first pattern. At that moment I didn’t have many things to do, except from writing a thesis, looking for a job and, oh yeah!, I was supposed to take care of the house. At that moment I didn’t feel like doing any of the mentioned tasks so I decided to knit.
Oh boy! you are so right! Wise decision! I learned so many things those days!

I learned so many things and I was feeling so secure about my new skills that I wrote a pattern. I even mentioned in the pattern that it was good for learning new techniques… Was I being a little too confident? Time told me so but the pattern is there and I am really happy and proud about it!


I hope this is the first one of many to come, right now I am working on a hat pattern and a mittens pattern too, all fair isle! Keep checking my Patterns page! Here or on Ravelry!

And here is the story of a long named pattern for such a small thing…

When I wanted a case for my cell-phone, I couldn’t find any pattern that I really liked. At the same time, as I knew this was going to be a very short project, I wanted to practice techniques that I was not familiar with. So I created this pretty little case that fits most of the cell-phones I have tried.


As I said, this is a very short project, perfect for giving away and also perfect for a first fair-isle (colorwork) project. Also, it is so small that left overs of sock yarn can be used! Actually, this is what I did!

In this pattern you will practice and learn (links to techniques provided in the pattern):

  • Magic Loop Knitting: Very, very useful for absolutely everything! I could not live without it! I am sure you all know what it is but just in case… It is a way of circular knitting when you don’t have the right length of cable or you just don’t want to use double pointed needles. I CAN’T use DPNs! Is one of my knitting frustrations…
  • Judy’s Magic Cast On: My only way to go for Toe-up socks! With this amazing CO you can start a tube from the very tip! No seaming or grafting! So this case is created bottom-up, may be good for people that have never knitted socks that way and want to start with a less complicated project!
  • Fair isle (Colorwork) knitting: Cool! If you learn this you will level up your knitting!
  • I-cord Bind Off: Don’t you know it? Oh boy! you gonna love it!

Gauge is perfectly adaptable to your yarn as is the size of the case (try to do it for your tablet or even laptop!). You only have to take into account that this is a 6 sts repeat.

Try it with your color choice and any combination you like!

Please, ask any question you have and comment. Hope you give it a try!

Be wool!


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