Pom pom it! or “How pom poms help us all”


You’ve heard it!

Pom pom it and y’all will be saved! That’s the word!

It us just a wrap of yarn but it gives us so much joy! This post wants to be a visual guide on why you should pom pom all your hats.

Here it comes:

before after

You see? Don’t tell me you don’t! What an improvement! After pom-poming it’s all about fresh bread, warm tea and beautiful plants!

Need more evidence? What about it?

befafter A

Such a sad face… but watch! Pom-pom it and voilà! Life looks much more brighter!

Need more?

befafter J

This guy was so sad and grumpy before the pom-pom… but, Oh boy! what a change! Look at that smile! And the bow tie! Amazing transformation!

No doubt, POM-POM IT!

Be wool!