Pom pom it! or “How pom poms help us all”


You’ve heard it!

Pom pom it and y’all will be saved! That’s the word!

It us just a wrap of yarn but it gives us so much joy! This post wants to be a visual guide on why you should pom pom all your hats.

Here it comes:

before after

You see? Don’t tell me you don’t! What an improvement! After pom-poming it’s all about fresh bread, warm tea and beautiful plants!

Need more evidence? What about it?

befafter A

Such a sad face… but watch! Pom-pom it and voilà! Life looks much more brighter!

Need more?

befafter J

This guy was so sad and grumpy before the pom-pom… but, Oh boy! what a change! Look at that smile! And the bow tie! Amazing transformation!

No doubt, POM-POM IT!

Be wool!


If you could meet anyone dead or alive, who would it be?

This is how I start talking to A when I want to talk about a very specific topic. In fact, the question intonation that I use doesn’t mean that I really want him to answer. The real motivation behind is the conversation that follows: “I don’t know… why do you always have to ask these weird questions?” and here it comes… “Who would it be for you?” Yes! And I would say at this very same moment “Elizabeth Zimmermann of course!”

Now it is more like a joke because he knows what I am up to, he only puts that face, yes, the face you put when you know you have no escape from what is coming. I still use it when I want to initiate the conversation… and I really like to talk about Elizabeth Zimmermann.


Elizabeth Zimmermann (August 9, 1910 – November 30, 1999)

Oh boy! What can I say about EZ that hasn’t been said before? Yes, you are right, nothing! I can only say that yes, it’s true, when I think if I could meet someone dead or alive, she comes to my mind in top of the list. I don’t remember when or how I was introduced to her work but for sure it changed the way I look at knitting.

Reading Knitting Without Tears (KWOT) is not just a learning experience; it is also so fun to read! And of course, The Opinionated Knitter is amazing! This last one let’s you discover a more personal side of her but also some of her most amazing designs such as the Baby Surprise Jacket that I will have to give it a try someday.

The way I see it is that she empowered me (and many many others before and after). Even though I was so new to knitting, reading her books made me believe that I was able to do everything, nothing was is impossible. The way she wrote is so sincere and fun that if feels like a knitting pal!

Oh boy! Is it normal that I get so excited just by thinking about it? A thinks it is a little bit weird but he tolerates this side relation I have. An open relationship is tha best!

Lately I have knitted 2 sweaters with instructions from KWOT. One is a classic Bottom-up Raglan for A. I guess I will write a post on that one (yes! more EZ blogging!)

2015-01-17 04.15.51-1

And even more recently I have finished a Seamless Hybrid for me… Oh boy, oh boy! What an amazing construction! Of course it deserves another post! (yes and yes! More EZ please!). I haven’t had the time to put all the information on my Ravelry page but I will soon (or not. Remember? PROCRASTINATION!)

2015-01-17 04.25.52

Well, more to come! Hope this makes some more knitters and non-knitters (too many still!) out there join the EZ fan club!

Be wool!